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De-Stress Therapy“Amrita” In Sanskrit means “Eternity”.According to the Hindu mythology,once the Devas(Gods)and Asuras(Demons) who were rivals joined hands to churn the Ocean of Milk in their quest for ambrosia of immortality.They used the mythical serpent Vasuki as the churning rope.Amongst the many precious things that emerged of the churning sea was the much sought Amrit,the nectar of immortality.
Amrita believes in the powerful benefits of massage and the wonders it does to the body.It is like a concoction to the soul when massage is utilized as a frequent therapy.It can play an important role in treating ailments,cleansing the body of of toxins and wastes,combats the process of aging,relieves the effects of stress,support for fitness and contribute to a higher sense of general wellbeing.
 Absolute Serenity,
                                                     Abundance of Energy;
                                                                             We call it Ayurveda

One of the leading Ayurvedic Therapy Centre in Singapore since 2006,supported and recognized by STB,we provide Authentic Ancient Kerala Ayurvedic Therapies and relaxation programs to suit each individual’s need.

Our Signature Therapies:

Kerala Traditional Therapy (Full Body Traditional Massage),Duration :60 minutes ($65.00)

A Full body massage which uses a mixture of authentic Kerala Oils applied from head to toe in a Kerala traditional technique.Learn more

Rejuvenation Therapy (Full body Massage),Duration 75 minutes (S$75.00)

An exquisite body massage that uses quality blends of warm essential oils applied directly in long strokes to the whole body.Learn more

De-Stress Therapy-Abhyangam & Shirodhara (Full Body Massage) Duration 90 minutes ($120.00)

Massage is done with herbal oil all over the body from neck to toe.It relieves fatigue and stress.Improves the circulation and induces deep relaxation of body and mind.Learn more

Fruit Therapy,Duration 60 minutes(S$70.00)

The massage is done with pulp and juice of fresh fruits like orange,papaya,apple ,cucumber,water melon,banana ,mixed with honey.Learn more

 Herbal Powder Massage(Weight Loss Therapy,Full Body Massage),Duration 45 Minutes(S$80.00)

The herbal powder is dynamically rubbed (massaged in a special way with upward strokes)over the entire body.Learn more

Milk Bath-Ksheeradhara,Duration 60 minutes (S$70.00)

Dhara means’pouring of medicinal liquid’ in the traditional system of Ayurveda.When this treatment is done with milk(ksheera),Learn More

Herbal/Fruit Facial (Duration 45 minutes,S$45.00)

This is an ayurvedic face pack made out of herbal powder/fruit pulp mixed in milk.A natural way..Learn more

Hair Care-Thalapothichil,Duration,60 minutes,S$70.00

It is the wrapping of herbal paste on the head for hair care.Learn more

Head and Foot Massage-Padaabhyangam &Shiroabhyangam,Duration 60 minutes (S$65.00)

This massage involves gentle scalp massage in a relaxing stroke to stimulate the scalp.Learn more



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